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Our Profile

Our company was established in 2020 as Shreevik security pvt ltd. Due to total devotion, hard work and sincerity of purpose, the company took long strides in its growth and development during last quarter century in the fields of Industrial Security, Investigations and Fire Fighting. And today we are well known International Security Company under the flagship of Shreevik security pvt ltd

Supporting Companion in security

With a strong management team, experienced and dedicated workforce combined with the utilization of the latest security techniques we can become an ideal partner in securing you from the latest security treats. We and our employees make uppermost care in your satisfaction and security.


We provide special training to our guards to manage large, high-risk events such as Football matches and other such large sports events, concerts, award ceremonies etc. with the capability to identify suspicious activities and read body language to predict threats. We have a team of retired senior police officers who have access to quick information on any terrorist activities which gives us sufficient time to prepare and meet threats head-on and safeguard lives and assets.